Robert Bays

Canine Behaviour Trainer / Owner


Here Boy! Dog Training is owned and run by Robert Bays. Rob has spent the last 7 years working within a large animal rescue in the UK and currently works full time as a Canine Behaviourist and Training Manager within the rescue environment. He is a fully qualified dog trainer and currently holds both a level 3 and 4 qualification through the Open College Network. This permits Rob to work with dogs of all shapes and sizes, displaying a multitude of different behaviours. Rob has spent time attending seminars and courses, aiming to continue to professionally develop within the field of dog training and behaviour. He is even currently listed as a qualified dog yoga instructor.



Assistant Trainer

Silvia Web Photo.jpg

We're super excited to welcome Silvia to the Here Boy! Dog Training Team. Silvia has many years experience working with dogs, having worked in rescue centres and also owning many dogs herself. Silvia has a particular passion for German Shepherds (as you can tell from the photo) and does well with these types of breeds due to her compassionate and patient training approach. Silvia will be working with us on consultations in the coming months and we're very excited to begin using her knowledge and experience to help even more dogs!





Putting his looks to good use, Casper happily took on the role of lead model at Here Boy! Dog Training. Sadly Casper is no longer with us but during his time he was more than happy to help try out new training techniques! He played a huge part in helping us develop and get Here Boy! Dog Training to the point it is today. He will forever be our inspiration to continue helping as many dogs as we can.



Training Companion


Otis had a bit of a turbulent start to life and ended up on foster with us while he looked for his forever home. He is such a little star and settled in so well, we just couldn't let him go! Welcome to the Here Boy! Dog Training family Otis. Otis is incredibly motivated for training and loves to learn so has been a fab little training companion. Keep an eye out on our social channels for updates on how his training is going!